Back from planet side

The shuttle pulled into the station and I walked off glade to be able to stretch my legs after such a long flight up from the planet. My few days of drinking and resting down in the heavily forested mountains had refreshed me and I was eager to get back in a ship.

As I wondered along the station promenade to the bar where I was going to meet Harry I ran into Zodiac and chatted to him about the last week. Apparently while I was away Lhorenzho had a run in with Miura, something to do with baby facilities.

I kept on walking, laughing to myself as I did. Eventually I ended up at The Keg. Ducked through the door and walked over to the bar to order my drinks. Sitting right there at the bar was Lhorenzho starring unhappily at what appeared to be a squeaky yellow duck and nursing a pint.

After what Zodiac had told me i couldn’t resist. I slid over next to him, spun the duck round to face him, picked it up and squeaked it. Then dropped it in is pint, as it bobbed gently I grabbed my drink and walked over to a booth near the stage to wait for Harry.

While I was sitting there I decided to check my comm for messages, low and behold one was sitting there from Harry.

“we have a new bar ( The Viewing Room) in the Auner system, I took the opportunity of you being away to get a head start on moving some gear over.


“Bleeding hell” I swore to myself downed the glass of scotch and headed to Auner…

…in The Viewing Room


Of Twin Slicers and my Brain going Rookie

…As the night wore on Judge, Drago and Syclone walked into the Keg order some drinks and came to join me and Harry, as usual a deck of cards appears and we all ended up losing a fair chunk of change to Judge. After losing my 6th hand I think, someone suggested we should stop losing are isk and get in our ships.

We all agreed and as the band finished up we headed for the hangers on our way there we bumped into Zodiac and Haerod and they decided to join us.

We all undocked and headed to Amamake for a bit of fun. On entering system we split up and started scanning, a few of us came up with a pair of slicers on scan. It seemed they were jumping between a few belts. They decided to linger in one so we warped in at different distances as it was essential to land close due to the slicers fast nature.

Haerod managed to land nice and close to one, grabs point and opens fire his weapons spiting hot death at the fragile slicer which now with it’s speed negated was bleeding shield. Both slicers start to focus on him. Drago was the next closest and burned in and engaged the embattled slicer. On this happening the slicers start to split there Fire pounding both Haerod and Drago.

As this is happening I’v spun my ship around warped out and started warping back in directly to my fellow rebels. Because I’m in warp I’m a bit unclear on the next part but Zodiac has managed to get in range of one of the slicers with his jaguar and has started hammering it, at this point both Haerod and Drago go down, while I’m in mid warp someone says over comms that the slicer is at half armor then that it is down. Slapping the inside of my pod in frustration at missing a juicy slicer kill I land.

At some point during the fight with the slicers, a rifter has landed and I happily enough land right beside it and start ripping into it, both Zodiac and Syclone have already been knocking pieces off it and with all three of us blowing chunks out of his ship the rifter explodes.

We all bug out at this point because we cant get a hold on the other slicer and a fair few of us have lost ships. While some of the others go to get new ships I decide to look in Dal and find a rifter, I scan him down to a belt and warp in, land and engage. Syclone is in system as well and I yell out on comes to warp to me, but while I’m busy managing my reps I go all rookie and forget to put up what belt I’m in. Due to this I go down but as I warp out I chuck up what belt I was in and Syclone manages to get the kill anyway.

After all the excitement I need a good drink and a sleep so I head back home.


any inaccuracies with the story I’m sorry for I’v written this a fair few days after the events mentioned.

New Stomping Grounds

Decided I’d try my hand at a bit of fiction with some reality woven in here and there. All the links in it are informative in some way in reality. Other bits of fiction may end up linked to it, who knows we shall just have to see how things play out.

I slapped my hand on the door lock pad and a couple of seconds latter the door hissed open, I stepped through, but jumped back as a massive container titled “ship parts” swung straight at me and slammed into where I would have been standing then thumped to the deck blocking the door way.

A voice that seemed to contain a perpetual chuckle yelled out.

“Louis watch where you bloody swing that thing you could take somebodies eye out”

I tapped on the container side.

“See Louis you gone and locked someone out”

As the container raised I duck through the doorway under it and was greeted by a skinny man wearing a olive green jump suit with blond tussled hair and a massive grin on his face. The words “chief mechanic” were stitched under the the name “Harry Price” on his left pocket.

“Sorry about that Grer, Louis is a bit careless. Where is “The Von” we only put her together two days ago”

“yeah I know Harry I lost her, but she did pay for herself in kills isk wise”

Harry grinned “I suppose that’s not a surprise you always did go through ships fast”

“yeah yeah Harry, shut up, I’m going to get a drink”

We walked into the bar 3 floors above the hanger. A sign above the Lintel said “Welcome to the Hadozeko Keg”. It was a nice change from all those damn clubs in gallente space I had to put up with on the last campaign, no flashing lights or pumping music. Just dull brown metal walls that reflected the low golden glow from the lights recessed in the ceiling. With a slightly raised stage where the bands played, apparently the one on tonight was called Stonefield.

“Harry grab us a booth at the back, I’ll get the drinks”

I walked over to the bar ordered a bottle of whiskey and then someone tapped my shoulder and sat down beside me.

The stranger blurted out,
Ava told me about you guys said you were frig pilots and that I could learn about rifters”

I glanced at the kid he seemed a bit eager and wet behind the ears, but you never know these days. I slide him across a data pad with some information on rifters and there fittings and told him to sit down an wait for Miura Bull.

Then headed over to the booth Harry had grabbed. A few minutes later the waitress who had that redbrown hair that is so hard to find and was dress in a short tank top and slacks with knot work tattoos curling up from her hips and running up her ribs came over with our drinks.

“leave the bottle of scotch would you”

I gave her a quick smile but Harry was shoving one of his thin vanilla cigars in my face and offering me a lighter. And she walked away, “Christ” I thought, I must really find out who she is.

Then the band came on and I settle in for the evening to enjoy the music and wait for my new ships and the rest of the gang.

Almost bagged 2

Turned out tonight was a good night for fights. Iv been roaming round the Hed area lately and not getting much but my lucky change this evening.

First off I found a thrasher and died, surprise surprise, that’s what happens when you engage a ship designed for killing frigs in a frig.

But luckily my luck turned in siseide when I ran into a crusader and hoping I would get a nice close warp in so I wouldn’t be kite I engaged alas it was not to be and I landed to far off, so the crusader promptly started kiting me at 13 – 14km so I aligned towards the sun and started attempting to pull ground so either I could warp off or pull him into scram range. During this whole thing my repairers and cap booster are set to full spin and are dealing with the incoming damage nicely. I start to pull out to 16km and the incoming shells started to miss my trusty rifter but I couldn’t loosen the disruptors hold on me. Then to my sudden surprise the crusader drops lock and warps off. It turns out after chatting with the pilot in local that he only had about 2 minutes of cap so had to warp out when he ran low, otherwise he would have fallen prey to my ab rifter as soon as his cap ran dry.

So I warp to station repair my modules and undock and start scanning from the undock and low and behold a rifter and Merlin show up in the closest belt. So I decide to crash their party. I land about 20km off the fight and lock both up and it turns out that the rifter is getting hammered by the kiting Merlin, so in the hopes of bagging 2 in 1 go I start to burn towards the rifter so as to finish him off. But he is starting to pull ground on the merlin and it become one of those situations where you just have to choose, bag the rifter and die to the kiting Merlin or close on the Merlin while it is distracted and let the rifter warp out.

I chose to let the rifter go and barreled head first into the Merlin guns spinning up and spitting death. Grab him with my scram and set a tight orbit, his attention immediately switches to me and his own guns spin into action stripping away my shield and taking massive chunks out of my armor, I flick my repairs and booster on and settle
into the routine of balancing cap and repairs. But then I realise, crap his shields are sitting at about 3/4 and not moving, he has a nasty tank, I flick off the safety switches on my weapons and watch has the heat levels start to rise. But the extra fire rate is taking it’s toll and his shields are promptly striped as is his armor and I only flicked the safety switches on again once he hits structure. A couple of seconds later boom, the Merlin explodes and I start to lock the pod but it warps out with milliseconds to spare. Guess he won’t be going in The Freezer. This time.

I dock up chat to the rifter pilot who got away then once I’m sure the mechanics have made everything ship shape I head to bed.

Third’s the charm

So this will be my third attempt to actually get up and running and post regularly, hopefully it will work out and I can get into a routine now I’m back at uni and have regular work.

Iv been pirating solo for a while because iv had very weird play time but I have recently joined the Black Rebels run by Miura Bull over at Brutor Bullfighter. So far it’s been exactly what Iv need in my eve play, nice and relaxing with no pressures or kb quotas.

We have just come out of a hi sec war campaign which I only participated in slightly on the combat side of things due to my low sec status. But in saying that I still had a hand in things due to the fact that myself and a few others done some Corp infiltration of our targets. A big thank you to cklm and vhan for providing us with good comedy and especially cklm for flipping out and booting fleet members when I started quoting you in local. Cheers.

Now that our his sec campaign is over I’m very much looking forward to our next campaign which will be low sec based. So watch out for the Black Rebels in a low sec system near you.

Secound Launch

Well since my first start failed cause I got distracted and RL stuff got in the way, so here goes the second launch.

Since my first two posts last year things have been interesting, I’m no longer with OUCH, I joined Executive Intervention and headed deeper into null to kill everything and die in fiery explosions. The latter happened more often then not.

I had a great time and learned heaps. Even got to fight the Goons, the biggest engagement against them was hilarious due to them jumping a long range BS fleet into our short range BC,HAC,BS fleet. Suffice to say we wiped the floor with them. I suffered the nightmare of 0.0 relocation logistics more then once. In general I had a ball.

But life got in the way again and I kept missing ops and not getting that much action. So long story short after 7 months in XINT I said my goodbyes and moved on into the one area of EVE pvp I have never really tried, Piracy.

Well there you have it my insanely mega abridged version of 2010. Now that I’v caught up its piracy time.

The Jousting Club

About two weeks ago I decided to start a fight night for OUCH, just for the fun of it and to get the ball rolling on the scheduling of activities in the Corp. I wasn’t that sure how it would turn out because I had never been involved in anything like this before.

So I done up a ladder of all the compeditors and thought up some basic rules for the the fights to run by, and low and behold people had a hoot, admitedly the way the ladder system worked and some of the rules had to have some of the kinks hammered out of them but my Corp mates done a good job of that on our forums.

I was slightly surprised at how much people seemed to be enjoying the one on one duels that were being set up, I suppose it’s because it’s such a rare thing to come across in actualy pvp and the fact that everyone was geting to blow there fellow corpies up for sport probably also had something to do with it.

It also seems to be a good introduction level for people new to pvp and for people wanting to experiment with some seriously odd fits, congradulations has to go to Metal Head for bringing a scaning ship and a noob ship to the field and surviving as long as he did, and my hatred of sensor damps has increased ten fold in the two weeks it has been running.

Sufice to say it is now a permanent part of the OUCH weekly callender.