Back from planet side

The shuttle pulled into the station and I walked off glade to be able to stretch my legs after such a long flight up from the planet. My few days of drinking and resting down in the heavily forested mountains had refreshed me and I was eager to get back in a ship.

As I wondered along the station promenade to the bar where I was going to meet Harry I ran into Zodiac and chatted to him about the last week. Apparently while I was away Lhorenzho had a run in with Miura, something to do with baby facilities.

I kept on walking, laughing to myself as I did. Eventually I ended up at The Keg. Ducked through the door and walked over to the bar to order my drinks. Sitting right there at the bar was Lhorenzho starring unhappily at what appeared to be a squeaky yellow duck and nursing a pint.

After what Zodiac had told me i couldn’t resist. I slid over next to him, spun the duck round to face him, picked it up and squeaked it. Then dropped it in is pint, as it bobbed gently I grabbed my drink and walked over to a booth near the stage to wait for Harry.

While I was sitting there I decided to check my comm for messages, low and behold one was sitting there from Harry.

“we have a new bar ( The Viewing Room) in the Auner system, I took the opportunity of you being away to get a head start on moving some gear over.


“Bleeding hell” I swore to myself downed the glass of scotch and headed to Auner…

…in The Viewing Room


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